Craig Prophet    Artist

Many of Craig Prophet’s paintings have a traditional sense to them. The forms have been carefully and creatively rendered so that they seem “real” to the viewer. This approach has been a major part of Craig Prophet’s artistic exploration since his childhood in New England.

But Mr. Prophet also recognizes that art is fluid. It evolves with time like the life we experience. It morphs. Art is sensed and influenced by how we perceive the changing world around us -- how we grow, change, think and feel. So, Mr. Prophet also experiments with new forms, themes, media and abstractions.

“When I feel stuck in a trend or an expectation for my artwork, that’s when
I choose to be intuitive, conceptual and abstract. This experimentation keeps me fresh and makes me feel alive.”

Craig Prophet’s portfolio is about constancy and unpredictability, tradition and abstraction. His artwork is a display of his experience communicating moments and ideas - real and perceived - through artistic means.